logo BSI formed Body and Soul/Corps et Âme in 2012 for the production of Only Connect at the Théâtre de Suresnes and the Vingtième Théâtre in 2013.

The idea is to develop a company to perform plays in both English and French – and eventually in a play that uses both languages, if I ever get round to writing it.

I’ve rather lost touch with the English-speaking community in Paris, so don’t hesitate to let me know when you have a show on or a show-reel to send me. It’s early days yet but I’d like to be able to tour regularly with plays in English and French.

I’m also looking for producers, coproducers, theatres willing to take the company in residence or to offer us their facilities, sponsors, anyone interested in making a donation and of course somebody competent enough in this domain and appreciative enough of my work to take all this out of my hands and let me get on with writing and directing.

Anyone wishing to help the company financially is invited to download the membership form below and follow the instructions – but that’s all in French, so if you don’t fancy that, best just to contact me directly.

Cie Body and Soul formulaire d’adhésion