Only Connect

Mobile phones, internet, text messages, e-mails, chats : the means of communication multiply but do we communicate any more effectively as a result ? Six characters in search of love meet up, seduce each other, fall in love, fall out of love, argue, hate each other, split up, meet someone else and start again. False identities, true


Living The Lie

The starting point for Living The Lie is a true story: after twenty years of pretending to be a doctor working for the World Health Organisation in Geneva, Jean-Claude Romand murdered his parents, wife and children and set fire to his house. He failed to kill himself and so was subsequently brought to trial and



Harold Pinter. Théâtre Lucernaire, autumn 2009. Autumn 2010. Tour 2011-2012. Avignon 2012.  Revue de presse à télécharger  

Women of Manhattan

J.P. Shanley. Manufacture des Abbesses,  2008. Women of Manhattan – press

The Dumb Waiter

Harold Pinter. Théâtre Essaïon spring 2007, autumn 2007 and autumn 2008-spring 2009. Revue de presse à télécharger

La Main Passe

Théâtre des Deux Rives, Charenton Novembre 2004.  Théâtre du Nord-Ouest 2004-2005 ; au Théâtre Mouffetard 2005-2006 ; Théâtre Michel 2008 ;  tour 2006-2007 et 2008-2009.   Revue de presse à télécharger

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Eugene O’Neill. Théâtre du Nord-Ouest, 2003.     &nbsp

love exists

A man wakes up in a hospital bed. A woman he doesn’t know is there to ask him questions. Two little girls have disappeared.   Extract: A room in a hospital. Paul asleep in a bed. Diane sitting on a chair at the foot of the bed. A puzzle on a table. Paul wakes up.


Chroniques d’une Année de Crise

Three monologues to be played separately or together. There is no English version of this, it’s just too rooted in everyday life in Paris in the early 1990’s