A man wakes up in a hospital bed. A woman he doesn’t know is there to ask him questions. Two little girls have disappeared.



A room in a hospital. Paul asleep in a bed. Diane sitting on a chair at the foot of the bed. A puzzle on a table. Paul wakes up.

DIANE                              Hello.

PAUL                                Fuck off.

DIANE                              Alright.


(moving a piece of the puzzle) May I…? I know this painting. Renoir, isn’t it?

PAUL                                You speak English?

DIANE                              Like a native.

PAUL                                I’m sorry. I was still half asleep. I didn’t realise.

DIANE                              No matter.

PAUL                                Did the Embassy send you?

DIANE                              After a fashion.

PAUL                                I don’t speak any German. They wouldn’t let me go. I got a bit upset…

DIANE                              You can’t go yet.

PAUL                                Why not?

DIANE                              You haven’t finished your puzzle.


They want to keep you under observation for a while. Best be on the safe side.

PAUL                                But there’s nothing wrong with me. Just a few scratches.

DIANE                              Best not take any chances.

PAUL                                They locked me in.

DIANE                              Did they?

PAUL                                Why would they want to do that?

DIANE                              I should have thought that was obvious.

PAUL                                Why?

DIANE                              To stop you getting out.


It was quite a serious accident. You’re lucky to be alive.

PAUL                                Who says?

DIANE                              What do you mean?


At that speed there’s no telling what might happen. Don’t you want to ask me anything?

PAUL                                What about?

DIANE                              The accident.

PAUL                                Where’s my car?


DIANE                              There’s not much of it left actually.

PAUL                                Ah. Shit.

DIANE                              Can you remember anything, about the accident?

PAUL                                No.

DIANE                              You don’t know what happened?

PAUL                                No.


DIANE                              Don’t you want to know if there were any other victims?

PAUL                                What do you mean, victims?

DIANE                              In the accident.

PAUL                                Oh. No, I hadn’t thought of that.

DIANE                              And you don’t care?

PAUL                                Why, were there other people in this accident?

DIANE                              No.

PAUL                                Well then?


DIANE                              You could easily have killed someone. You don’t have any memory of it?

PAUL                                None.

DIANE                              There was a witness. A lorry driver. He saw you go off the road. He said you suddenly accelerated, veered off the road, went into a wall. He thinks you must have fallen asleep, then woken up with a start.

PAUL                                Yes, that’s probably it.


DIANE                              Had you been driving for long?

PAUL                                S’pose so.

DIANE                              Where were you going?

PAUL                                I was… Bavaria.

DIANE                              Really? You were going there, or coming back?

PAUL                                Going there.

DIANE                              When you had the accident?

PAUL                                When I had the accident.

DIANE                              Are you sure? You’ve forgotten the accident, perhaps you’ve forgotten Bavaria too.

PAUL                                You can’t forget Bavaria.

DIANE                              You remember it?

PAUL                                No.


DIANE                              Where were you going exactly?

PAUL                                Eggenfelden.

DIANE                              Why? What is there in Eggenfelden?

PAUL                                Nothing.


DIANE                              Was anyone expecting you? Is there someone I should tell?

PAUL                                No. Nobody was expecting me.

DIANE                              You’re on holiday?

PAUL                                Yes, that’s it. I’m on holiday.


DIANE                              It’s pretty, Bavaria. Do you know it?

PAUL                                Yes.

DIANE                              You’ve been there before then?

PAUL                                A long time ago.

DIANE                              To Eggenfelden?

PAUL                                Yes.

DIANE                              What’s it like?

PAUL                                It’s a dump.


DIANE                              Did you come directly from Sheffield?

PAUL                                No, I stopped off in London. I had someone I wanted to see.

DIANE                              Ah. Did you take the shuttle or just the regular ferry?


PAUL                                How did you know I was coming from Sheffield?


Théâtre du Nord-Ouest, 1999-2000. Broadcast live from the Cinéma MacMahon on the TV channel Direct 8 june 2005.

Théâtre du Méridien, Bruxelles, and on tour, directed by Bernard Yerlès, January 2003, spring 2004.

Rehearsed reading by Hélène Vincent and Yves Prunier at the Nouveau Théâtre d’Angers, April 2005

Folie Théâtre, directed by Christine Casile et Thierry Mourjan, sept-oct 2012

 Mitchell Hooper – Débat

Froggy’s delight – l’amour existe


La Libre Belgique - 9.02


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