One son moves in and the other moves out of the flat owned by their father, whose presence is somewhat overbearing.

They take the cups out into the kitchen. Annie comes over to Stephen and kisses him lightly. Mark follows the others out into the kitchen.
ANNIE            Stevie.
STEPHEN      Yes?
ANNIE            I don’t like it.
STEPHEN      What?
ANNIE            Here.
STEPHEN      Wait till you’ve done it up the way you want it. You’ll love it.
ANNIE            It’s gloomy.
STEPHEN      That’s because Mark’s been living in it. We’ll soon brighten it up.
ANNIE            It’s not ours.
STEPHEN      Neither was the bedsit.
ANNIE            You know what I mean. I think it’s a mistake.
STEPHEN      Well you should have thought of that before, shouldn’t you? We can hardly change our minds now.
ANNIE            Couldn’t we?
STEPHEN      Don’t be silly.
ANNIE            I’m not being silly, you keep avoiding the question. You just do whatever he wants. One day you’re going to have to stand up to him, you know that, don’t you? You’re a father now, he’s an old man. You should be making the decisions.
STEPHEN      Give us a kiss.
ANNIE            You’re not getting round me like that.
STEPHEN      Yes I am. I always do.