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  FRONTIER THEATRE PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENTS Spring and The Last Dance ​ Following the success of our first production, The Lovers of Viorne by Marguerite Duras we are excited to tell you about our next production, which runs from October 18th (preview) until November 5th. The Press Night will be on October 20th. ​ This


Denise Beryl Hooper (22.06.1927 – 03.04.2016)

Denise Beryl Hooper, my mother, was a very modest woman. She went about her life quietly, discreetly, and she never liked to make a fuss. She didn’t set the world on fire, but I would argue that there are quite enough people doing that already. She actually did something much better than that : she built


R.I.P. Oliver Sacks

It was Harold Pinter that introduced me to the work of Oliver Sacks via his play “A Kind of Alaska”. His books inspired me to write “I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know” which eventually won Harold’s approval. I chose to quote Sacks for an epigraph to the play: “To restore the human subject at


Wilkommen, bienvenue…

Welcome to! Feel free to browse around and see if anything takes your fancy. This site is a work in progress and the english part may lag behind a little, so let me know if anything’s missing or not working properly. Since Harold Pinter’s death, I’ve somewhat turned my back on english theatre and


The Last Dance

A retired couple sit looking out to sea. Early evening. Late summer. She may be dying. He’s worried he’s losing his memory. But they love each other. Extract: Silence. They look at the sea. PETER                         What we call love is impossible to define. It has a different meaning for each of us. To define it


Tumult in the Clouds

Original screenplay in English. Adapted from my play of the same name

The Water is Wide

Full-length original screenplay in English. Romantic comedy


While the England football team is busy getting eliminated from the World Cup and there are riots going on in nearby boroughs, Lennon’s second-hand record shop is under threat of being developed into the kitchen of an Italian restaurant run by his not-quite half-brother, Georgette… Extract : GEORGETTE               Well then? Pause What’ve you got to say


Living The Lie

The starting point for Living The Lie is a true story: after twenty years of pretending to be a doctor working for the World Health Organisation in Geneva, Jean-Claude Romand murdered his parents, wife and children and set fire to his house. He failed to kill himself and so was subsequently brought to trial and


le théâtre de l’intime

After Only Connect, the first Body and Soul/Corps et Âme production, (, and before tackling Shakespeare, I want to look at a number of plays dealing with the theme of the couple: two by Harold Pinter, « The Lover » and « Ashes to Ashes », one by James Saunders, « Bodies », one by Roland Schimmelpfennig, « Peggy Pickit », and two of mine, “Living The