Tumult in the Clouds

While the Americans try to obtain the release of their Embassy personnel held hostage in Teheran, the Shah of Iran is the guest of General Torrijos of Panama, guarded by Colonel Noriega. Three dictators (past, present and future) on a small island in the Pacific. As a favour to President Carter, General Torrijos of Panama



An extra-marital passion. A touch of Eros and Thanatos in the night. Extract: JOHN: So, what did you think of the play? MARY: I found it dry. There was no feeling in it. That made me angry. But I wasn’t bored. JOHN: I felt like crying out for them to stop. MARY: I often feel


The Removal

One son moves in and the other moves out of the flat owned by their father, whose presence is somewhat overbearing. Extract: They take the cups out into the kitchen. Annie comes over to Stephen and kisses him lightly. Mark follows the others out into the kitchen. ANNIE            Stevie. STEPHEN


A thing of Beauty

A group of friends grow up together in the England of the 1970s, leaving some illusions along the way. Only in English and not currently available from my computer