While the England football team is busy getting eliminated from the World Cup and there are riots going on in nearby boroughs, Lennon’s second-hand record shop is under threat of being developed into the kitchen of an Italian restaurant run by his not-quite half-brother, Georgette…

Extract :

GEORGETTE               Well then?


What’ve you got to say for yourself?


LENNON                     Nothing.


What you want me to say?


Bit early for me.


Slept on the floor.


Not feeling so great.


But I’ll be alright… don’t worry about me.


Has it started yet? The match?


I haven’t got it.


I haven’t got your money.


GEORGETTE               You haven’t got it?

LENNON                     No.

GEORGETTE               Then let me have the lease.


LENNON                     No but I’m gonna get it.


I’m gonna get it.

GEORGETTE               You’re gonna get it?

LENNON                     I’m gonna get it.

GEORGETTE               When?

LENNON                     Soon.

GEORGETTE               How soon?


LENNON                     Hard to say.

GEORGETTE               Tomorrow?

LENNON                     Tomorrow no. Don’t think so. Tomorrow I can’t promise you anything.

GEORGETTE               So. Not tomorrow. When then?

LENNON                     Hard to say.

GEORGETTE               It is not hard to say.


Thursday? Friday? It’s easy to say. Try it.




LENNON                     What day is it today?


GEORGETTE               Today is Tuesday.


LENNON                     Tuesday?

GEORGETTE               Tuesday.

LENNON                     Tuesday… Well then, maybe this weekend.


GEORGETTE               All of it?

LENNON                     No, not all of it. Some of it.

GEORGETTE               Some of it?

LENNON                     Well, yeah. Some of it.

GEORGETTE               How much?


LENNON                     Well that’s… hard to say.

GEORGETTE               You can’t tell me how much?

LENNON                     Not exactly.

GEORGETTE               You can tell me when but you can’t tell me how much?

LENNON                     Not exactly. And when I say this weekend…

GEORGETTE               What?

LENNON                     Well, that’s not completely…

GEORGETTE               Oh yes it is.

LENNON                     Might be a bit later…

GEORGETTE               No. This weekend is this weekend. It’s not the weekend after. It’s Saturday or Sunday. It is definitively this Saturday or this Sunday.

LENNON                     Yeah but when I say this weekend…


GEORGETTE               When you say this weekend, that means Saturday or Sunday. This coming Saturday, or this coming Sunday, you are going to give me some of what you owe me.

LENNON                     Yeah well, I can’t promise anything.


GEORGETTE               You’ve just contradicted yourself.

LENNON                     Yeah well, it’s a bit…

GEORGETTE               What? It’s a bit what?


LENNON                     It’s a bit early for me.


Why d’you wanna close my shop?


GEORGETTE               There aren’t any customers, for your shop. Nobody knows your fucking shop. It costs more than it brings in.

LENNON                     It doesn’t cost anything.

GEORGETTE               It doesn’t cost you anything. And it doesn’t bring anything in. You break even. But you’re forgetting the rates. You’re forgetting the electricity, the water, the phone. You forget all that cos it’s me that pays for everything.

LENNON                     You had the phone cut off.

GEORGETTE               I had the phone cut off cos you never paid the bills. It’s me that pays for everything.


And then you start saying I’ve taken everything off you. If I’d taken a tenth of what you owe me you wouldn’t be here. You’d be out on the street. So stop talking rubbish, face up to the facts and sign the lease over to me.

LENNON                     But how am I supposed to live, without my shop?

GEORGETTE               How d’you live with it? It doesn’t bring anything in, your shop. It’s a bottomless pit, your shop. It’s a ruin. Is it my fault?

LENNON                     No but I’m not blaming you for anything…

GEORGETTE               I should fucking well hope not. Blaming me for it now…

LENNON                     No but…

GEORGETTE               You’ll be calling me selfish next.

LENNON                     I didn’t say that…

GEORGETTE               After all I’ve done for you. Gratitude? Never heard of it.

LENNON                     It’s not that…

GEORGETTE               What is it then? What is it if it’s not that?

LENNON                     You don’t understand.

GEORGETTE               I don’t understand?

LENNON                     No, you don’t understand.

GEORGETTE               What don’t I understand?

LENNON                     This shop, it’s more than just a shop.

GEORGETTE               It’s less than just a shop. It’s not even a proper shop. A shop is meant to sell things. It’s meant to sell things and you make  a living out of it.

LENNON                     That’s not what my shop’s about.

GEORGETTE               That’s what I’ve just been telling you.

LENNON                     It’s a lot more than that.

GEORGETTE               It’s a lot less than that. You make bugger all out of it.

LENNON                     It’s a whole mindset. My shop’s got soul.


GEORGETTE               Soul?

LENNON                     Soul.

GEORGETTE               He’s getting religious on me now. Can’t you see that your shop’s just a load of worn-out old records that nobody wants? It’s a refuge for old hippies who’ve got nothing better to do. A hostel for deadbeats talking crap amongst themselves cos they’re so fucking hopeless they can’t even pull a bird. Your clientele is just a load of wankers. And broke wankers at that.

LENNON                     That it? You done?

GEORGETTE               Don’t you understand the times are changing? I’ll tell you something that might surprise you: the sixties are over. The seventies too. Both of them. For quite a while now. Not only are they over but the only people who remember them are old farts like you. And they’ve already got all the records they need. You’ve missed the boat there. You’ve missed several boats. For one thing, records are a thing of the past. Even CDs are yesterday’s news. Now they get it all for free on the internet. Nobody buys records any more. That’s progress for you. You have to learn to adapt. You have to study your market and draw your own conclusions. Like me. You take me for a fool but you’ll see. You’ll see what’s going on round here. Cos I know a good thing when I see it. I’ve got a nose for these things. I keep my eyes and ears open. I see what’s going on. Things are changing round here. In five years’ time you won’t recognize this place. There’ll be wine bars, Japanese restaurants and antique shops. They’ll have swapped the pitbulls for fucking chihuahuas. And there’ll be those who don’t wanna know. And those who know how to adapt.